Monday, 14 May 2007

SUB STANCE Compilation

presents :

The SUB STANCE compilation

AECD003 - V/A compilation- SUB STANCE - June 07 - 1000x 6-fold CD

Aeclectrick Records and BunZer0 are really glad and proud to present SUB STANCE; a dubstep cd compilation reppin the international sounds !

Its purpose is to deliver a snapshot of the Dubstep scene as it lives today across the UK, Europe and the US.
Expect tracks from Romania, Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Texas, Frisco, UK,…

You could hear some of the tunes being played in BunZer0's 'FOB show' on thanx to the trust producers have in the BunZee selecta.
The idea to make this compilation was born almost a year ago and is bound to hit the shops somewhere around 11th june, thanks to the almighty St Holdings for UK, Ad Noiseam for Germany and CODS in Belgium (more distributors to be addeed by the minute!).

Here is the result of Aeclectrick and Bun's work :

01. RAMADANMAN - Hungarian Skank
02. MARLOW - Tremor
03. DJUNYA - Rooted
04. EKAJ - Moments
05. GRAND DANOIS - Yell Of The Spirit
07. SLAZENGER - Eightball
09. PARSON - Intrepid Trepanation
11. TRG - Diplomats
12. DUTTY DUBZ - Gameboy Love
13. METALBOX - Zombie part 2

Format: Audio CD - 13 tracks
Mastered by: Transition Studios, London
Label: Aeclectrick Records, Brussels (B)
Release Date: June 11th
Artwork by : Jacklamotta (ita)

Aeclectrick's gonna team up with the FWF Crew in order to organize a release party here in Brussels.
Should be around september 07 or something…
More details about the party coming soon on

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