Thursday, 5 April 2007

SUB FM - BunZer0 show - Special annoucement !


As some of you probably know, i have serious troubles with my Internet at the moment.

Me upload is more than weak.
As i waz not even able to broadcast in 24k last week, Sub Fm management and myself decided to avoid live streaming from my camp since i'll have a brand new connexion and isp.

The new one will be installed the 9th of may, so if everything goes well i will be back on the live ting for the 10th of Mayl, same time (6GMT / 7 For Belgium), same station, the mighty

IN THE MEANTIME, SubFm will play some of specific recordings i'll do to replace my show.
WOn't be a live ting so 5's and reloads will be a bit difficult to apply ;-)

I already miss a lot the live show but i think it is much better like that cause listening to buffers is not a cool ting, right ?

So, stay tuned and it is just a few missing live shows Wink


Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Dubstep Mix XI

01. SIZZLA : Obstacles – Blackdown Refix ? (Unreleased).
02. QUARK, RUCKSPIN, PLANAS : Miserere feat. Jila. (Rankin Records).
03. GRIMELOCK : Guilty. (Unreleased).
04. MASSIVE MUSIC : Find My Way - Kode 9 Remix. (Hyperdub).
05. I/O, SLOP, TYRANT : Widower. (Unreleased).
06. SECRET AGENT GEL : Letter / Deliver Dub ft. Juakali. (2007 Sampler).
07. RSD : Pretty Bright Light. (Forthcoming On Punch Drunk).
08. HENRY & LOUIS : Answer – Pinch Remix. (Unreleased).
09. TRG : Put You Down – Ramadanman Remix. (Unreleased).
10. JOE : Watermelon dub. (Unreleased).
11. PARSON : Conduit. (Unreleased).
12. MOYZA : 1 Of A Kind. (Unreleased).
13. KOSH : Brassic. (Forthcoming On Crater).
14. JANNER & SNOMAN : Jah Wednesday. (Unreleased).
15. BENGA & WALSH : Bingo. (Forthcoming On Hot Flush).
16. TES LA ROK : No Need 2 Be Nasty. (Forthcoming On Redvolume).
17. KION : Tictato. (Unreleased).
18. MARK OMEN : Cross Riddim. (Virus B-23)
19. SNO : 25 Stone. (Forthcoming On Boka).
20. KROMESTAR : Gostship. (Fantastic 3).
21. MONSTA : Press Clubstomp. (Unreleased).
22. DISTANCE : Night Vision. (Planet Mu).
23. N-TYPE : Street Justice. (3.5 Records).
24. SOULSOLDIER : Every Single Sound. (Unreleased).