Tuesday, 29 January 2008

09/02/08 Dubstep @ CBS : Tes La Rok, Saviour, BunZer0


Cafe Bota Stereo

1. TES LA ROK (Noppa, Argon, 3.5, Narco Hz, Bare Dubs, Mode, Red Volume / FIN).

Tes La Rok is one of the fastest rising stars on the Dubstep Scene, with innovative new sounds mixing with the roots we all love with a number of releases on the following labels BARE DUBS : 3.5 Records : CONTAGIOUS : NARCO.HZ : TES LA ROK : REDVOLUME : MODE : ARGON : NOPPA : FABRIC : APHEX : TEMPA and national and international shows every month, Tes La Rok is hot property and the future doesn't look like slowing down.

2. SAVIOUR (Stainage, Aeclcetrick / B).

Coming from the low-fi electronics world, Saviour is just a random grown up kid in love with physical basslines and minor chords. Expect some of his own productions in the set including some other bits coming from Brussels and UK.

3. BUN-ZER0 (Sub Fm, Stainage, Aeclectrick / B).

Host of the FOB Show on the big bad www.subfm.com Bun is also the tracks selector of the Sub Stance compilation released in 07 on Aeclcetrick Records. Dubstep activist since day 1 Bun gonna deliver some fresh dubs coming from all over the world. Dubstep international sounds reppin’ !

@ Cafe Bota Stereo

236 rue royale, Bruxelles, 1210

free entrance !



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