Thursday, 11 September 2008

BRUSSELS - Sep 13 - The SubDivision, Helixir, BunZer0 @ CBS

Sat 13 09 08, at 11:30pm

The SubDivision : Mode Recordings, Paradise Lost, True Tiger – IT

Helixir : 7even Recordings, Sens Inverse, Bassweight Recordings - F

BunZer0 : Sub Fm, Stainage, Sub Nerds – B

CBS - Le Botanique -
236 rue royale - 1210

5 euros

The SubDivision

a production duo which originated in Milan, Italy, consists of Geo and G.
Their background is not solely in dubby beats, as Geo has been producing hardcore and melodic ambient styles for many years and G had been DJing drum and bass since 1997. Friends who were always curious about working together, this finally happened in 2007 when G introduced Geo to the sounds of dubstep, where both of them decided to take a deep, epic sounding direction with tracks, daring to include lush melodies in many tracks and not be influenced too much by other producers. Living in Italy helped them produce their own sound, as they were the only ones making or listening to it!
As luck would have it, their second and third completed tracks, Apocalypto and Devil's Kiss, were soon signed by Bristol-based Mode Recordings and they haven't looked back since, but continue to explore various and new directions within the loosely-termed dubstep genre. The SubDivision have released tracks on DubKraft, True Tiger, and now Paradise Lost, their own label with upcoming releases by Wedge, Djunya, Excision and many more.
The SubDivision may hold the distinction of being the most long-distance production team in the world, with Geo in Milan, Italy and G recently having moved to Honolulu, Hawaii. The production continues however. Look forward to quite a few releases over the next year as well as collaborations with Djunya, Excision, Rogue Star, and others.


is one of the founder of the Strasbourg based label called Sens Inverse. Dedicated to Electro Dub stuff this label exists till 2003.
Helixir is producer and use to make sick laptop live set delivering his own tunes. His sound can be define as deep warm Dubstep with a strong tribal and oriental influence. Somwhere between 2562 and Stereotyp...

Sens Inverse CD 01 : Frozen touch
Sens Inverse 02 : Initiation Ritual / Hunt Ritual
7EVEN rec 02 : Narcotik Dub / Springz & Wires
BassWeight Rec : Tekstep / Capoiera Dubstep / Suburbanizm / Sandman Dubstep


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