Tuesday, 28 October 2008

08 11 08 : Dj Madd Saviour Phonetics BunZer0 @ CBS - BRUSSELS

Sat 08 11 08

at 11:30pm

Dj Madd : Boombap - 3.5 Records - Naked Lunch - HU

Saviour : Stainage - Aeclectrick Records - B

Phonetics : 54KOLAKTIV - I&I Relations - B

: Bass Tourist - Stainage - SUB FM - B

CBS - Le Botanique -
236 rue royale - 1210

5 euros


Dj Madd : Budapest resident Peter Simon aka DJ MADD may have only just made his first moves in dubstep, but his name has already been saturated within the scene. With support from Mary Anne Hobbs, Skream, Breakage, Joe Nice, Martyn, 2562, Ikonika etc; his tunes can already be heard in various sets around the globe. MADD's first release 'Numbers' will hit the shops soon coming on the fresh new label Boombap! Records, followed by a 4 track EP on Naked Lunch Records, and another 2 of his tunes "Homeland" and "Koopa" have been signed to 3.5 Records. Still a big bag of unreleased tunes remain to be heard. His DJ sets consist of all flavours from dubsteps repertoire, delivering fresh dubby beats whether it's a deep roller or pure dance floor filth.

Saviour : Just a grown up kid in love with physical bass and minor chords.
One of the most prolific dubstep producer in Belgium always bringing fatness and deepness in the beats.

Phonetics : He is mainly focused on Dubstep, Grime and UKGarage. You can see him doing all different genres but his true love stays in the UK. He is member of the Brussels based 54KOLAKTIV and I&I relations. With 54KOLAKTIV (a group of +/- 20 members) he organises all different kind of partys in Brussels and Belgium.


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