Friday, 4 April 2008

SUB FM - BunZer0 feat. Mr Jo - 03 APril 08

01. Rooted : Rightousness. (Wonderland Forthcoming).
02. Djunya : Dream Awake. (Unreleased).
03. Grimelock : Mister Doggy. (Unreleased).
04. Cotti : Memories – Mac Koall Remix. (Unreleased).
05. Diagrams : Peoples Front. (Unreleased).
06. Don Goliath : The Message – Hit By A Rock Remix. (Dubstep Division Forthcoming).
07. Innerlign : Fierce Darts. (Unreleased).
08. Intager : ? (Unreleased).
09. Kwality : Swithchstance. (Unreleased).
10. 2562 : Dread Techno. (Tectonic Forthcoming).
11. Moiza & Wijay : The Light From 1000 Stars. (Entrada Rec Forthcoming).
12. Simon Off : Sometimes. (Unreleased).
13. Grimelock : Baby Please. (Unreleased).
14. Stenchman : World Domination. (Unreleased).
15. Trg : Missed Calls. (Dubway Forthcoming).
16. Screaming Soul : Warfare – Ruckspin & Planas Rmx. (Ranking Rec Forthcoming).
17. Ruf : What Are We Doing ? (Unreleased).
18. Cardopusher : Jerk Pork. (Unreleased).
19. Stenchman : Let’s Rock. (Unreleased).
20. Trg : Resistance Break. (Subway Forthcoming).
21. Robbinghood : How Cruel You Are. (Unreleased).
22. Tes la Rok : Lovesong. (Unreleased).
23. Ruf : V8. (Unreleased).
24. Eskmo : Stay Here. (Unreleased).
25. Twisted : Summer Vibes. (Unreleased).
26. Rakoon : Distant Vowels. (Unreleased).
27. Moiza & Wijay : Banished. (Entrada Rec Forthcoming).
28. Helixir : Narcotik Dub. (7even Rec Forthcoming).
29. Idri : Happy Astronaut. (Unreleased).
30. Beezy : Let It All Go – Distinction. (Unreleased).
31. Grimelock : After You. (Unreleased).
32. Desto : Spy vs Spy. (Unreleased).
33. Ruckspin & Quantum Soul : Rootical. (Unreleased).
34. Trg : On Tour. (Unreleased).
35. Antiserum : Dugeon Waltz. (Mode006).
36. Noah D & No Thing : Unknown Suspect. (Subway Forthcoming).

the show


Thursday, 3 April 2008

BRUSSELS - 12 April 08 -Elemental-BunZer0-Grimelock @ CBS

12 April 08

Dubstep at CBS will be back !
CBS - Le Botanique - 236 rue royale - 1210

free entrance

1. ELEMENTAL (Runtime - Hotflush - Pitchblack - UK)

North London based producer Elemental started dabbling with production in 1994 with a Roland D5 and Atari ST at school.
He later invested in an Akai S2000 sampler and a PC, the rest as they say, is history.
In the nineties he Predominantly focused on DnB and experimental Electronic music.
At 18 he put out his first DnB release off his own back.
A few years later, he became one half of breakbeat garage duo ‘Elemental + 3D’, releasing on their own label Runtime Recordings in 2002.
A couple of years later after some time abroad, he caught the likes of Search & Destroy on Rinse FM and found the sound he had been looking for – dark, heavy syncopated beats and bass.

Since finding Dubstep, Elemental has been focused on bringing his unique sound to the masses, undeniably hard yet dubbed out, dirty bass and hypnotising rhythms.
He has had many releases from Destructive, Hotflush, Pitch Black and Halo Beats, and more recently, his seminal track Soulfire featured on Tayo’s Fabric mix cd. His live sets (so rare in the world of dubstep) are nothing short of astounding, deep, textured and considered; a fluid block of sound with spooky old Photek overtones, with interlocking rhythms and surging dark subs.

2. GRIMELOCK (Stainage - B)

Grimelock the Brussels based crew describe their own sound as combining the powerfull bass of dubstep and grime with the uk garage and 4x4 sound.
Expect a set full of their own productions ! As a teaser feel free to check their latest mixtape called B-Dubz 2 at

3. BUNZER0 (Sub Fm - Stainage - Sub Stance - B)

Dubstep at CBS resident and host BunZee is glad to propose a monthly dubstep night in his hometown. Recently booked at FWD>>, London, Bun is providing international sounds in areas like Budapest, Paris, Graz, Vienna, London, Leeds and many more. Bassline pilgrim the man is behind the FOB Show on the big bad on every thursday from 19h to 21h.


BRUSSELS- BassFictionLive(Kode9) + BunZer0 @ AB -11 April 08

ABClub Standing , € 12.00 Presales, € 12.00 Box Office

Friday, 11 Apr 2008, 21:00

Organization AB


A Brussels DJ - and producer - who lives and breathes dubstep. Listen to his programme on the English pirate radio station SubFm and hear how he mixes tracks by Digital Mystikz, Benga, Loefah and Burial seamlessly. Last year DJ Bun-Zer0 also compiled the album 'Sub Stance' (on Aeclectrick Records), a collection of international dubstep tracks including one that is home-produced ('Sneeze'). Last year on Domino - before and after the Skream set - he let the darkest and most delightful sub-basses boom through our speakers, and he is certain to do the same again.

Expect dubstep to continue its advance in '08. Of the triumvirate of dubstep pioneers, SKREAM, KODE 9 and BURIAL, the latter even made it to daytime airplay. Even the Soul Jazz label (cf. their excellent compilations such as '100% Dynamite', 'Studio One' and 'New York Noise') has thrown itself into dubstep with a new series, 'Box Of Dub. Dubstep and Future Dub', and there have been excellent releases by Dj Distance, Boxcutter, Mrk1 (only on Planet Mu) and by Pinch. It is now a case of waiting hopefully for the successor of 'Memories Of The Future', the debut album by KODE9, which will arrive later this year. And Kode9 is still all about producer Steve Goodman, one of the pioneers to bring London underground dubstep over to the European mainland. As well as doing his day job, professor of philosophy and criminology, he is the founder of Hyperdub (see also: Burial) and often puts on live sets with The Spaceape under the name BASS FICTION LIVE. They had been friends for some time, but their musical collaboration started in '04 with their reworking of Prince's 'Sign of the times' (renamed 'Sine Of The Dub'). Both present clever dubstep with radically chosen vocals that easily fill The Spaceape with pitch-black poetry.

VZW Ancienne Belgique ASBL - av. Anspachlaan 110 - 1000 Bxl - Be 430 973 770 - tel. +0032-(0)2-548 24 24