Tuesday, 13 October 2009

dBstep-Documentaire: About Dubstep In Belgium

About dubstep in Belgium

dBstep will be a music documentary about the fast growing dubstep-scene in Belgium. It will contain deep/fun/strange interviews with DJ's, producers, promoters,... and hyper/energetic/exploding shots from our main dubstep events. And btw: 100% Belgian soundtrack!!


Starring in this production: Bunzero, Benga, Borgore, Headhunter, Starkey, Truth, Piro, Saviour, Grimelock, Kastor & Dice & Sim, Gaz, Truth, Mate & Fudge, Science, Goldorak & Solpher, Geeks, Cal & Sikey, Soi, AKS & Selah Sue, Phonetics, The Soulblazers-crew, The Furthur-crew,...

The prem├Čere of this excellent movie will be shown @ Untitled!s 3Yr Bday on the 6th of November in Trix Antwerp (9PM) So come early!

Take even your 'i-m-not-kinda-feeling-dubstep'-friends, or in fact, take everybody you know! Because dBstep will be interesting for both newcomers as for you diehard-heads!

After the prem├Čere, dBstep will tour our country for some months, holding (free!) screenings all over. If you want a dBstep-screening at your event (even if you're not belgian, who knows), pm me on my email below!

Confirmed screenings so far:
06/11: Untitled!, Antwerp (w: Digital Mystikz, Pinch, Headhunter,...)
13/11: (free) Dungeon, Leuven (w: Scandalous Unltd, Bunzero,...)
13/11: (free) Langweiligkeit Festival, The Hague NL (w: Untold, Pangaea,...)
21/11: (free) Echoes, Dendermonde (w: Clouds, Quest, Sub Scape,...)
21/11: (free) 't Stuk, Leuven (w:...)


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