Wednesday, 16 December 2009

18 12 09 - BunZer0 @ 'CONTACT' - Sofia - Bulgaria

mirizma prsnt:

'CONTACT' @ 18 DEC @ 4KM

with them special guests:

Foreign Beggars
(Dented Records // UK)

Serial Killaz
(Congo Natty, Ganja Records // UK)

(Bass Tourist // Belgium)


Skiller - Mirizma
EXo - Mirizma, H.M.S.U.
Jamez Bongg - Mirizma
Mocks - H.M.S.U.
Konspirator - H.M.S.U.

second room:

acidtrip /H.M.S.U/
DJ ZION /Zionlionz/
Apo and Nevena /XPRSN/
Soulslept /Shuriken/
KMN /mirizma/
Asian Detective /Soundforia/
World Premiere
Smile /Mirizma/

място: 4KM Party Center
начало: 22:00
край: 06:00



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stelf said...

The CONTACT event, organized by the Mirizma crew and taking place at Partycenter 4KM in Sofia on December 18th will make the public familiar with three fast-forward international acts . The headliners are the well-known hip-hop/grime artists Foreign Beggars, who come to Bulgaria for the second time, after their super massive show here in 2008. Another guest, visiting Bulgaria for the first time, is the Belgian DJ bunzer0 – a dubstep virtuoso, who will mash up the place with his uncompromising selection of unreleased tracks. The third special guest for the night is the jungle project Serial Killaz, known to the public with the Congo Natty remixes and Ganja Records releases. No later than the beginning of December, the tickets will be sold at a preferential price of 15BGN. Afterwards, the price goes up to 20BGN and – at the day of the event – 25BGN. 

Foreign Beggars is a hip-hop/grime formation based in London, brining together MCs Metropolis and Orifice Vulgatron, producer Dag Nabbit, beatboxer Shlomo, and DJ Nonames. Their debut album Asylum Speakers was released back in 2003. Their style described as combination of rap moods, mixed with beatbox, scratches, improvisations, and freestyle lyrics. The trio is a regular guest at parties with artists like Dr. Syntax, Skinnyman, Stig of the Dump, Foz, Skrein, Dubbledge. FB's member Schlomo is proud to be the only beat boxer having performed for some 3.9 billion listeners at the opening ceremony of the Olympic games 2004 in Athens. He performed the track ‘Oceania,’ together with Bjork. Foreign Beggars’ last album - United Colours of Beggatron – came to be an enormous success, partly because of the single Contact (featuring Noisia), but mostly due to the variety of guest artists involved in the project. Since 2006, Foreign Beggars have their own radio show, ‘Mic Show,’ on BBC Asian Network.  

Bunzer0 is probably the most famous radio DJ on the dubstep scene. Earned his reputation through his regular shows on radio, in 2006 and 2007, he won the Dubstepforum’s ‘Best Radio Show’ award. In 2009, he is once again nominated for best DJ and best and best radio show. Bun is famous for his incredible selection of unreleased tracks, always fresh with new tracks. He's most probably the only other radio DJ with as much dubstep dubplates as Mary Ann Hobbs from BBC Radio1 (note: she has played in Bulgaria at an H.M.S.U. event in 2008).  
The Serial Killaz duo gained recognition with the remix work done for legends like Congo Natty, Cornel Campbell, don dadda Supercat, etc. They also have numerous releases on DJ Hype’s well-known imprint – Ganja Records, as well as LPs on their own label Serial Killaz. Their style can be described as mellow dubrock with reggae vocals and a non-obtrusive construction. New school junglists!  

The programme of the show also includes two back2back sets by Bulgarian artists: grime and dubstep from EXo /hmsu, mirizma/ b2b Jamez Bong /mirizma/, and drum and bass and techstep from Mocks /hmsu, t-free/ b2b Konspirator /hmsu/. Besides, the crowd will be entertained by a unique beatboxing performance by the local talent Skiller /schnurstrax, mirizma/. At dawn, acidtrip /hmsu/ will close with a refined jungle selection.