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STAIN003 - Feel The Heat - Alchemyst Maelan Grimelock - out soon

Stainage Records

Vinyl 18.01.2010 - MP3 24.01.2010

Stainage Records shows no mercy with this anthemic proportions release. The EP is bringing three different flavours and moods to the table and features the signature sound of Belgian artists like Alchemyst and Grimelock plus the vocal talents of Maëlan.
youʼre into sun-soaked reggae vibes, grimey low-end monsters or cinematic sub bass pressure, this oneʼs having them all.

"Bitch Smackin Killa' is the highlight on this one for me. I'm a sucker already for hiphop vocals... but when this
one finally drops it doesn't let down." Starkey *Mayor of Starkville*

"Loud and Fresh! Large Up Stain for this one! Irie Vibes." Von D

"Been smashing it since the day I heard it" DJ Wonder

“Been a while Iʼm rinsing those tunes all around and I can say Feel The Heat is some serious party tune anthem making people move from US to Hungary and from Italy to Denmark ! Pure bomb!” Bunzer0

"Stainage back again with another diverse release making it the perfect artillery for your box. " Roguestar

"The Feel the Heat EP has something on it for everyone. An upbeat dancefloor A side and two street-tech B sides make this release a go to for a variety of party vibes". Matty G

Feel the Heat EP

Side A
Maëlan: Feel The Heat
(produced by Alchemyst)

Side B
Alchemyst : Bitch Smackinʼ
Grimelock : Total Recall

Stainage Records
Manufactured and distributed
Cargo Records
Cat. N° - STAIN003

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Audio Clips

Feel the Heat drops a fusion between dancehall elements and uplifting mid range basslines that stick effortlessly with Maëlan's vocals to bring a summer-fresh positive vibe that guarantees instant rewinding and
dancefloor madness.

On Bitch Smackinʼ Killa Alchemyst is reaching for his darkside and delivers a badman grimey-crunky riddim where the bass riff is the perfect hook and the smashing hammer style drums won't leave you intact. This one is a pure energy blow for the hottest raves: dangerous and powerful!

Grimelockʼs Total Recall makes a perfect exit in an introspective journey through a tense cinematic soundscape that builds toward a shattering blast of sonic artillery.

Tunes have been rinsed and rewound by the Stainage crew (Grimelock, Bunzer0, Alchemyst, Saviour) in the past year at radio shows, parties and festivals throughout Belgium, France, Holland, Romania, Hungary and USA.

Drum & bass DJ since 1998, time has come to put decks and this musical style aside, in quest of new sounds. He has
dedicated himself to production from 2001 onwards.
Seeking for the opening of different approaches, this music appeals the ear, disturbs and arouses emotions.
This style stands between Grime and Dubstep, regarding its structure and atmosphere, and Electronica concerning the opening and tone Alchemyst joins heavy and strong sounds half way between traditional and industrial, heavy and airy
atmosphere, tuneful and disorganized rhythms, atmospheric and mystic feeling.
Experience this inexorable music wave.



have been steadily building a name for them throughout Europe as Belgiumʼs finest bass music export. Coming from the early Belgian jungle scene, Wallace and Kalib created Grimelock in 2004. MC's Maëlan and Dynamic joined the crew shortly after to fill the shows with their energy.
On stage they bring a unique, explosive and fast-paced combination of dubstep, garage, electro and hip hop in which are blended own productions, exclusive dubplates and timeless classics. Add to this the raw live energy of the MCʼs and donʼt be surprised if you find yourself bouncing, sweating and screaming for more.
In 2008 they set up Stainage Records, a label aiming to promote Belgian productions worldwide. They were also responsible for the infamous Stainage parties that brought all the biggest dubstep names in Brussels ages before the hype.


is a singer/producer born in Brussels and raised in a multicultural environment inspired and influenced by African music,
reggae and hip hop.
At 8 he composed his first melodies on a little casio keyboard. In high school his style of singing attracted attention meanwhile he recorded his first demos.
Later on he moves to UK with the firm intention to improve his musical knowledge studying music production.When he
returns to Belgium he begins to perform as an MC and backing vocal alongside Grimelock and Dynamic, touring the biggest festivals and venues all around Europe.
Currently he is adding the finishing touches to his debut LP "Live Life", a subtle crossover between his childhoodʼs musical influences and the sound of dubstep and grime. The album (forthcoming in 2010) features collaborations with artists like Omar Perry, Grimelock, Dynamic or Stanna G.


About Stainage

Stainage was the name used by Kalib and Marsellus Wallace (Grimelock) for their parties, circa 2005.
They invited some of the most genre defining producers to play in Brussels at a point when dubstep just started bubbling and the hunger for freshness was measured by the evergrowing number of enthusiasts.
Three years later, time has come to step up to a next level. Stainage Records was set up in 2008 with the purpose to promote quality Belgian bass oriented music.

STAIN001: Grimelock - Justice/Glow Saviour - Stampede/ Darkness Fall (12" + mp3)
STAIN002: Saviour - Sound of Love / People Like You / Square Footage / Scaffold (mp3)
STAIN003: Feel The Heat EP (Alchemyst/Maelan/Grimelock) (12" + mp3)
STAIN004: Alchemyst - Let The Bass Drop (Original + remixes by Bunzer0, Grimelock, Saviour) (mp3)
STAIN005: Grimelock EP - TBA

Alchemyst - Bunzer0 - Grimelock - Maëlan - Saviour



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