Friday, 19 March 2010

27 03 10 - BunZer0 @ ESCAPE to DUBSTEP - Leuven - Belgium

Saturday, 27 March 2010

at 22:00


brusselsestraat 15

Leuven, Belgium

Temphase (collaboration project):

On a cold winter night, two young gentlemen with a passion for music decided to team up & form Temphase. The idea was to bring the revolutionary sound of dubstep to the crowd by playing new, ground-breaking tunes.
Experimenting with different kinds of software & hardware this duo is planning on producing ready 2 eat beats & basslines. First productions on the way!

Special thanks goes out to the kind people of Escape for inviting us to this first edition of Escape 2 Dubstep & we are honoured to have the opportunity to play Back 2 Back with BunZer0. Massive respect!

Hoax & Lechah:
Started spinning the decks on their own first. Hoax was totally into drum 'n bass & formed a duo with his good friend MC Psyche. Lechah chose the darker path & experimented with all sorts of breakcore. Soon, both dj's understood what their real calling was: they were here to make the people dance, shake & scream to the hypnotic rhythms & the heavy, pumping basslines of the wonderful genre called Dubstep.

Morpheuzz :
17years old soundbwoy from the bronx off Strombeek, 6 months ago he came and asked how to play on turntables and now he mashes up de local dances and gigs, we promote this little fellow because he really has a talent.

Bun zero :
This soundbwoy is not really a soundbwoy anonymous, once, he started like these little soundbwoys 15 years ago, now you can say he's like a godfather in the outer- international dubstep scene. we want to give a special thank for Bun for supporting this event, Bless him!

Cocoa Djo :
Ex Rebelation dj starting his solo dubstep/balkan .. concept
More info about Mr cocoa D very soon.

Mo Faya:
Tune specialist and mainly buzy digging for some dubstep treasures.
Absolutely proud to perform on the exposition of the first escape to dubstep edition.
Stay tuned.

Jeff Dulcet:
Started mixing at the age of 17 under several aliases, mixing an equal amount of styles ranging from drum & bass to deep house.
However, he has always been intrigued by a certain grainy, dubby sound, not knowing what to call it, yet trying to express it nonetheless.
From the start he's been a big supporter of the Creative Commons society, and has been trying to express it where possible.

Today you'll hear him playing mainly dubstep, though he does not feel restricted by the mere concept of genre-normalisation.

In simpler words, hang on to your sphincter, because he'll make your bowels move.


(dub up dubstep)


On the mic: Mc file and Mc mindless

Complete line up and time table very soon,
Support the scene ,support your future!

Strictly Dubstep flavoured!



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