Friday, 16 July 2010

SUB FM - FOB Show 4th B-DAY BASH - 15 07 10


Unknown. (Forthcoming War)
Unknown : Vampire Skanak. (Forthcoming War)
Dj Madd : On Top. (Forthcoming Blackbox).
Tes La Rok : Ignition VIP. (Forthcoming Argon).
Mala : Eyez. (Dmz).
501 : Everything In It's Place. (Forthcoming Special Branch).
Luthor : Incus. (Unreleased).


Secret Prudence
Secret Learn
Secret Little Beat
Secret U.F.O.
Secret Choice
Secret Plug
Hangry Sunday
Secret Show
Secret Nervosity
Beat the Beat
Secret Octet
Secret Message
Secret Source
Secret Freak
Secret Switch


James Blake : CMYK (R&S)
Alchemyst : 808 Baby (unrealsed)
Lauren Pritchard : Stuck (Guido Remix) (Pritchard Island)
Alchemyst : Molopresto (unrealsed)
Kode9 : Magnetic City (Soul Jazz Records)
Aardvarck : Untitled B2 (Bloom)
herrmutt lobby : K test (unrealsed)
wAgAwAgA : ?
The Widdler : ?
Silkie vs Mizz Beats : Test (Deep Medi Musik)
Saviour : ?
Grimelock and Alchemyst : Gorilla March (Stainage Off The Records)
Silkie ?
Dynamic feat Bai Kamara Jr : Home Far Away From Home Grimelock RMX (Stainage dub)
Alchemyst : Tikka massala (Unrezt forthcoming)


Hush : I Feel - BunZer0 Rmx (Unreleased).
Tes La Rok : Intanationalz. (Forthcoming Argon).
Unknown : 2 Dark. (Forthcoming War).
J Kenzo : Against The Grain. (Unreleased).
Malilone : Closer. (Unreleased).
Ramadanman : Work Dem. (Swamp81).



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

& happy b day :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D YAY!

jubrok said...

hey. i saw your group on facebook, and i love my dubstep and all things electronic, but you denied me access

BunZer0 said...

sorry jubrok, was a mistake, hit me back

jubrok said...

no sweat mate. happens to the best of us