Monday, 7 February 2011

Diyala & BunZer0 : CravingZ - free tune on a free album

Check the D.I.Y album project by the amazing Croatian singer called DIYALA

Am glad to be a part of it with the tune we made together called CravingZ

Check the link below

Free download !!!

Been played by the almighty DISTANCE on his Rinse FM radio show

 Diyala BunZero CravingZ by DYALA

Diyala on Facebook

Lyrics by Diyala :

They call ya name

Yes you stand alone-Fame                                   

 brave colored rain

You invisible bathing

Thing is in

fingers spread all the craving

 your waiting -here!  

I adore you dear

The glow ,fear and the spotlight change


the cravingZ get spots ,stains

hey hey don't brake

wait wait I get pain pain !!!

Came across ya campaign

arming me with same/same

pop up with the champagne

the copy keep on pasting

 paper-cuts can't pay up

I'm locked with all em chain-erZ

I+m love when all ya haters

You dust on all em radars

silly me showing anger

tripping I'm anxious

BunZero lecture

Dorothy leave Kansas

 Comin  with I'll never ...

Change for whatever came

Came with a less arranged answer



Get on it want it

First you gotta beg for it


Starve me feed me

Back for taste /

Easy going act in faith


no reason-making change

You pose like you detained

You crawl yet know it's lame

Killing you .pack a day

The ill in you and  Billy Bee

Jean infinity

Chase said it-pretty please

Home leaving it Pretty neat

Iz it need for praise ,pride

Case tie

Will eye

Chain slide...

All for the pain died

We !

we equal

 Convince me iz empty

Iz Instinct reacting

This instant is envy

Oh my God is this it cant be

 Smoke and panic

commanding words like traffic

building up

Carry me slow !

Force of trucker

Myth of caves

Mind affected ,confiscate

Rock me mess me up then stay

Trust you ruined ,then behave

Just a bit of everyday

Much to do with can't escape

All I want

All I need

does it ever come to

 speak...ya mind?


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Anonymous said...

i dont even know how to describe it!
i mean its huge like very big.
massive !