Tuesday, 22 February 2011

FOB Show in the top 5 !

BunZer0's radio show on sub.fm is in the worldwide top 5 of best dubstep radio shows in the dubstepforum awards this year !

Big up to all the FOB guest dj's I had in 2010 !
To name a few : Grimelock, Alchemyst, Hush, Dusk Creator, Music Machine, Antics, Elephant Power, Daily, Gaz, Phonetics, Subreachers, Skar, Nasa, Hughes, Science, Jeff Dulcet.....
Out to Mr Jo playing live harmonica on a lot of sessions !
Thanx a ton to all the producers and labels trusting me by sending unreleased material on every weeks !!!
Big thanx to SUB FM management and to all the listeners !!!!!

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1 comment:

Yakas said...

Hell yes FOB time is in the top 5!
Thats why I am locked every week

Big Ups BunZero
Cheers to your relentless efforts.