Monday, 13 June 2011

OUT NOW ! Bring Me Toof Toof EP - L2S Recordings BunZer0 feat Juakali



BUNZER0 : Bring Me Home featuring JUAKALI
BUNZER0 : Toof Toof Toof
BUNZER0 : Dub It

L2S Recordings

Mastered by Blackmass.

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Juno recommends this EP !

"BunZer0 should need no introduction. World famous for his weekly radio show “The F.O.B Show” every Thursday 6-8pm UK Time on Sub.FM, BunZer0 has a huge following and is respected internationally for his Bass Music knowledge and djing prowess. This, his first release for L2S, showcases his production and personal musical direction perfectly.
First up is “Bring Me Home” featuring vocalist Juakali, a catchy and lush vocal from Juakali is combined with BunZer0′s psychedelic riddim to create one of the most stand out individual tracks your likely to hear! Next up is “Toof Toof” stripping away the Juakali vocal to leave a stark and psychedelic Future Garage track that can easily grace all bass music sets. Finally is “Dub It”, with this track BunZer0 has managed to pull out of the bag a track that at once sounds “traditional” AND “out there” quite a feat! If your a bass music fan you simply cant miss this!"

Review on Juno 

"Famed as a DJ on UK's Sub FM and all over Europe's bass-loving clubs, Belgian star BunZer0 makes his debut on L2S with this three-track EP, exclusive to Juno Download. Very much in keeping with the house style, "Bring Me Home" (featuring Juakali on vocals) is a mix of eerie, echoed textures and whip-smart future garage beats, while "Toof Toof" carries on the momentum, almost serving as a dub of "Bring Me Home". The orchestral, bass-busting march of the impeccably funky "Dub It" is also here and is a must for fans of shimmering yet gritty forward-thinking bass music"

"Bring Me Home" lyrics by Juakali

I have the longest days
And the shortest nights
Not in your wildest dreams
Has come to life
They tame the beast, then let it loose
Then tell it wait, then point and shoot
Some on this road wanting a change
Some on this trip too late done stain
Yet even more make a career zone
In the back of they mind a chorus sing…

Bring me home (x7)
Bring me

Dematerialize, you see those child eyes
Longing for the day witness blue skies
Tears from fears drop like crystal pearls
She want her home back you could have the whole world
You could have the whole…
Dance tonight with her family
Lucy had her whole life planned just ahead and he
With heavy artillery carried out his manifesto
Spark, hairline trigger, flash, crippled pon de floor
Likkle off a that him heart it hit skid row
Clothes pon him back but his spirit pon loan
Never mind what it gwon do to his soul
In the back of him mind a chorus sing…



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