Monday, 17 December 2012

OUT NOW ! BunZer0 - Darabuka EP - Mindstep Music







After a great response to our October release “The Compilation 2012” we come to the end of what has been another important year at MindStep Music…Celebrating the transition into 2013 with another fresh release, we are extremely proud to present a 5 track project from one of the most respected figures in the underground bass music community. BunZer0 is a long time bass music fanatic and supporter of emerging talent: having hosted the infamous FOB Show on Sub FM for seven years and played all over the world as well as producing his own material, his name has become synonymous with the most fresh and progressive sounds in the changing dubstep genre.

Empowered by this broad palate of electronic music, it’s not surprising that Ben’s own tracks are skillfully crafted with a discerning ear and a clear endeavour to establish his own unique sound. Part of this ethos is the inclusion of organic sounds, and the opening track of the Darabuka EP is just one recent example of BunZer0 working alongside musicians…

The powerful suspense of Katya Gabeli’s violin creates an evocative introduction to Ambivalent and the drop quickly establishes a deep-rooted, swaying sub bass stride which carries the strings along with crisp drums and flickering FX. Teaming up with his friend and radio show partner Mr. Jo on his diatonic harmonica for the next track, Chapati has a stomping east meets wild west vibe, as the live harmonica combines with sultry sitar stabs and tribalist tabla movements in a surging symphony.

Title track Darabuka sees another collaboration, this time with Moroccan percussionist Kamine who provides a shuffling rhythm to accompany substantial bassline rumble and eerie, esoteric synth work. Turning to solo studio work for the mechanized march of Liana, Ben draws again for key ethnic percussive elements and tribal chants, ridden by staggering electro synth riffs all bubbling on top of some serious sub pressure!

Completing the EP with another partnership, Ben teams up with ARtroniks on the swirling ethereal stepper Metaphysical – a heady mix of shimmering harmonious synths and intricate drum work, underpinned by powerful but ultra clean low end reverberations.

We are honoured and excited to present such a varied and accomplished body of work, from an esteemed individual who plays such an important role in this burgeoning underground scene and we truly hope that you enjoy it!



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