Saturday, 2 March 2013

FOB Show is n°2 in Dubstepforum Awards 2013

One love to all the FOB Show supporters !
Gongrats to the whole SUB FM famo the radio station is n°2 in this category !
I also give thanx to all the people voting for me as BEST DJ (am n°5 there) !
Much love for the votes in BEST 120-140 BPM DJ (am n°6) !
Congrats to my MINDSTEP MUSIC fam being in the BEST LABEL top 10 !!!

Huge thanx to all the international and Belgian guests I had in the FOB Show during the last year.

KSP, Quantum Soul, HxdB, J Robinson, Simon Off, Apatic, Thelem, TMSV, Camu, Decarhtyhm, Vibration Lab, Gantz, Soundproof, Sleeper, Coleco, Hedmuk, LAS, Versa, Southfork Sound, Taiko, Congi, TeeFreqs, Innerlign, Mic Ryan, Trusik, Duckem, District.
ARtroniks, Subreachers, Daily, Janner, Midnite Run, Dubgrow, Pheral, Brownz, Locked Groove, Jonas Lion, Illament, Skar, Phonetics, Mezzdub, Music Machine, Mr Jo and Katya Gabeli music !



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