Friday, 5 April 2013

SUB FM - BunZer0 and Subreachers - 04 04 13

01. Sleeper - Einfuhrung - Unreleased
02. Deadbeat - Jaffa Dub - BLKRTZ 006
03. Gantz - Flowering - Unreleased
04. BunZer0 - Misanthropy - Forthcoming Undersky
05. Geode feat C Tivey - Boogie Woogie - Forthcoming Smokin Sessions

06. Subreachers Ft Asher Dust - Twisted Oliver
07. Subreachers - Long Gone
08. Subreachers & BunZer0 - Stereo
09. Subreachers - Future Target
10. Subreachers - Fear
11. Subreachers - Disfunctional Systems Ltd
12. Subreachers - Blackout
13. Subreachers - Machine
14. Subreachers - Dark Souls
15. Jakes - Clamp (Subreachers Remix)
16. Subreachers - Hrvatska
17. Subreachers - Icecrack
18. Subreachers - Sliced
19. Subreachers - Hanbo
20. Subreachers - How You Feel
21. Subreachers - Out In The Streets
22. Subreachers & Taiko - Yinz
23. Subreachers - Darka
24. Subreachers - Debt Charger
25. Subreachers - Tidals VIP
26. Truth - Love's Shadow (Subreachers Remix)
27. Subreachers & Kiev - Crystal Clear
28. Subreachers - Outro

29. Gantz - Stayer - Forthcoming Innamind
30. LX One & Youngsta - No Cure - Forthcoming Tempa
31. Content - Osmosis VIP - Unreleased
32. Feonix - Cafeweiss - Unreleased
33. Kahn - Badman City ft Flowdan - Forthcoming Blackbox
34. D Operation Drop - Razorblade - Unreleased
35. Squarewave - Rising Sun - New World Audio
36. Tangent - Amoss Geode Remix - Forthcoming Horizon
37. Duckem - Omoshiroi - Unreleased
38. Roska - Asbestos - Forthcoming Tectonic
39. District - Kraken - Forthcoming Chestplate
40. Piezo - Marwuk - Unreleased
41. Matt U - Something About You - Forthcoming NoMads
42. Peaman - IDK Kahn RMX - Unreleased
43. Damian and Stephen Marley - Revolution Soundproof Edit - Unreleased
44. Dj Madd – Never 2 Late - Roots & Future



Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Preview - [USKY010] VΛΑΔ x BunZer0 - Dimension / Misanthropy


Review by Jason Nikolaidis :

Upon seeing which artists were collaborating on this release I could not contain my genuine excitement and sheer curiosity over what result they would produce; I was not disappointed. VΛΑΔ of Imaginary Friend fame has consistently produced unique music that evokes a wide range of emotions, including melodies that linger in your mind and allow you to reminisce to whatever memory manifests in the moment, as well as more brooding tracks with a darker trail behind them; musical black holes siphoning the listener into hostile but revelatory dimensions. BunZer0 of course hardly requires an introduction, a highly successful dj and producer, with his recent ‘Darabuka EP’ release on Mindstep Music combining a technical atmosphere with tribal beats, unyielding grooves, and Middle Eastern drones, proving to be a solid release. Together, VΛΑΔ and BunZer0 piece together a sonic fresco that never fails to impress.

1) VΛΑΔ x BunZer0 – Dimension
‘Dimension’ begins with a drawn out dirge-like melody that is melancholic and slowly turns into mystical once the rest of the pads and synths overlap each other. The bass enters in an almost waltz like pattern with the drums, surging with enough power but not detracting from the overall atmosphere of the droning dirge. A chaotic vocal slowly comes into play, panning left and right, as if urging the listener to do something, something beyond their understanding, but suddenly giving up, aptly concluding the tune within the milieu of the unknown and unchartered, the seemingly imperceptible ‘dimension’.

2) VΛΑΔ x BunZer0 – Misanthropy
‘Misanthropy’ is a track that seems to be crafted to alleviate the stress and pent-up anger that one could have after an arduous and disheartening day; you can almost feel the seething atmosphere in the beginning of the track with the panning percussion clanging in your ears, and the rumbling of the drums resembling the slowly turning symbolic cogs of a gruelling day. However, once the main synth is introduced along with the bass, there is almost a detachment, as if you are observing the world from neutral eyes, no longer bound by life’s delirium. The track ends with what sounds almost like a wave slowly washing away, but being interrupted by the loud crashing of metal, perhaps serving as the metaphor of reality rearing back its ugly head.


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Red Bull Elektropedia - Masterklass #3: Meat Beat Manifesto by BunZer0

Red Bull Elektropedia Masterklass is not just another mixtape series. Every episode tells the story of a love affair between a DJ and a certain genre, era, label or any kind of theme interesting enough to be turned into a proper mixtape. We select the DJs based on their enthusiasm for and knowledge of music - giving them absolute freedom to show off their insights. Subscribe yourself to our Masterklasses today and get a PhD in music sciences tomorrow.

BunZer0: "In the second half of the eighties electronic sounds were more and more present in the underground music. When I was checking a video tape released by PIAS dedicated to Electronic Body Music I discovered the tune "Strapped Down" by Meat Beat Manifesto. It blew me away and since that day my love for Jack Dangers' work never faded away. So here is a tribute mix covering MBM's music from 1988 till today, including some stuff from his collaborative sideproject called Tino."

1. Meat Beat Manifesto - I Got The Fear Without Jack
2. Meat Beat Manifesto - Cutman
3. Meat Beat Manifesto - God O.D.
4. Meat Beat Manifesto - Strap Down
5. Meat Beat Manifesto - Dog Star Man
6. Meat Beat Manifesto - Radio Babylon
7. Meat Beat Manifesto - Psyche OUT vERSION 1
8. Meat Beat Manifesto - Retrograde pt2 We R 1
9. Meat Beat Manifesto - Edge Of No Control pt1
10. Meat Beat Manifesto - Nuclear Bomb
11. Tino - Hey Drummer U Want Some ?
12. Tino - Sunday Dub
13. Tino - Kick Exercise
14. Tino - Kickit Dub
15. Meat Beat Manifesto - It's The Music
16. Meat Beat Manifesto - Prime Audio Soup
17. Meat Beat Manifesto - Fragments
18. Meat Beat Manifesto - Hello Teenage America
19. Meat Beat Manifesto - Radio Babylon Space Children Intro Mix
20. Meat Beat Manifesto - Spanish Vocoder
21. Meat Beat Manifesto - Zombie
22. Meat Beat Manifesto - My Son The DJ The Forger

Meat Beat Manifesto


Monday, 1 April 2013

OUTLOOK FESTIVAL 2013 - Launch Party in Brussels 19/04 - Promo Mix by BunZer0

BunZer0 - Melancholy
Biome feat Fox - No Tomorrow Soulful Edit
Submotion Orchestra - Always Synkro Remix
Altair & Es Tereo - Void Altair & Stealth RMX
Indigo - Fallen Synkro Remix
Silkie - Concrete Jungle
Catacombs - Badman pt2
Synkro - Reservoir
Wayfarer - Yezo
Biome - Black Widow
Ill K - Lighter
Silkie - Tribal
Amit - Don't Forget Your Roots

@ Recyclart - Brussels - 19/04/13

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