Monday, 24 November 2014

Bless up Fanu !!!

Feelin blessed the big man Fanu keeps on reppin my music !
Dope recent podcast !

Social State – Microdot Monday 
Desto – Healing (Rwina)
Sully – M141 (Keysound)
Special Request – Black Ops (Houndstooth)
Etch – Battle Dub VIP (dub)
Danny Scrilla – Shai-Hulud
Black Grape – Fat Neck [Goldie remix] (Radioactive)
Fanu – Jive (dub)
Two Fingers – 101 South [Fanu's Lightless remix]
Etch – The Scientists (Breakology) (Soundman Chronicles dub)
Non Person – Loftview Loneliness [L.A. Edit]
Graphs – Falling Inward (Cosmic Bridge forthcoming)
Digital – Fire (Tempo forthcoming)
Ulterior Motive – Keep It Moving (Metalheadz)
Cern – Dark Before Dawn 
Phuture-T – The Drummer Flex (Sector 12/12)
Om Unit – Parallel (Metalheadz)
Fanu – Leave The Natural World Behind (13 Music)
Seba & Paradox – Future Now (Secret Operations forthcoming)
Wish – Descent (dub)
Out of Fuel – Phobos (dub)
BunZer0 – Anachronistic (dub)
Gang Starr feat. Inspectah Deck – Above The Clouds
Breakage – Come With It
Kolectiv – Immortalis (Diffrent forthcoming)
Neuropol – Night Sky Whispers (Inflect forthcoming)
Om Unit – Bardo Realms (Metalheadz)
Nucleus – Flim Flam (Reinforced)
Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth – It’s On You


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