Sunday, 1 November 2015

OUT NOW ! BunZer0 - King Lion / KAHN RMX - Pressed Records

Bunzer0 continues to spin the rich circle of life with "King Lion", a demonically spacious deep dub gem. Twisting the genre's standard halftime drum dynamic with bellows of room amid the anvil kicks, cheek-melting snares and nightmare-level vocal processes. Kahn gets busy on the remix, filling up the space with gunnish militancy. Like an army of robots marching into the apocalypse, this is one of Kahn's heaviest shake-ups to date. Unique.

Brussels-based badman Bunzer0 makes his debut on Pressed with a track so spacious it has its own ecosystem; the kicks act as intermittent rays of sunshine bursting through condensed pads of icy fog. Trust us, it hasn't been this cold and unforgiving since Shackleton told the weather with blood on his hands. Remix-wise Kahn swathes through the moody mists with relentless thunder storm snares and gutter-chomping bass. In summary: "King Lion" roars". 

The next chapter in the Pressed Records discography is delivered with the unique sound design of Belgian based producer & dubstep purveyor Bunzer0. PRD011 comes into inception with Bunzer0's hard hitting tune 'King Lion', coupled with a forceful remix from Bristol based grime/dubstep forerunner Kahn. These two versions both push the boundaries on 140bpm dubstep music, having a different pace than a lot of tunes coming out. Pressed Records is excited to release this single and remix from two new artists within its' catalogue of deep, minimal oriented dubstep producers.
Bunzer0's original mix of 'King Lion' begins with a spacey intro, subtley building percussively into a broken pattern. Beneath Bunzer0's intelligent construction of drum work resides a heavy undertone of sub bassline. Punchy, militant kick drums stagger with force, sure to deliver crushing bassweight on a soundsystem. The original mix of 'King Lion' progresses steadily, growing off the minimalistic drum work, with elements of dub shining through with Bunzer0's use of reverbs & delays. This uniquely crafted tune is sure to catch many ears on soundsystems around the globe.
Bristolian producer Kahn's version of 'King Lion' wastes no time to push the listener right into the chaotic presence of those stabbing kick drums. Kahn's variation in the pattern of the kick adds a sense of panic to this remix. Swooping granulated mid ranges swoop across the rolling kicks and Kahn's usage of the vocal samples from the original tune is suited well with his progression built in this tune. The militant vibe created from this tunes drums brings together a solid perpetual energy that is best suited for a large soundsystem. Paying homage to the roots of dub, both versions are slick rollers, all-be-it broken, but very unique in design. - Trusik


SUB FM - BunZer0 - 29 10 15

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