Friday, 7 October 2011

STUDIO MIX - In Order To BASS by BunZer0

In Order to BASS is a new mix concept of mine.
I'll use it to feature all the bass music which is not strictly 140 bpm or pure dubstep.
Fusion of techno, sub bass music, electro, house,...
Dubstep Mix XX should come quite soon for the 140 bpm addicts :)

Dubwar - To The Depth
BunZer0 - Jetlag
AnD - Lights Down
DJG - Vendetta
GoldFFinch - Dirty Bird Jay Weed Rmx
Pearson Sound - Stiffle
Second Line - Funked
Pacheko - Waiting For You Nehuen Rmx
Orphan101 - Itchin
Orphan101 - Junker
Locked Groove - Centraal
Albert - Birthday Suit
Paul Woolford & Psycatron - Stolen Dub Mix
Presk - And Cut
SCB - Mace
Locked Groove - Structure
Gerry Read - Roomland Youandewan Rmx
Presk - Slick Rick
Orphan101 - Fist First
TRG - Tribal Flex
TRG - Now You Know
DJG - Rah Trace
Pangaea - Fatalist
Second Line - Crybaby
Dogboy - Rootical
Space Dimension Controller - Flight Of The Escape Vessels
Pearson Sound - Project


Sleeve art by Thrybrid


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