Sunday, 18 January 2015

Badman single - Sub.Mission review

The "Badman" single getting reviewed by Sub Dot Mission !

Mindstep Music is back at it again with another fantastic EP, this time from the one and only, the legendary, BunZer0!  When he is not doing his weekly show for Sub.FM he is hard at work creating and finding the best of the best in bass music.  With a love of the sub-bass this originator has always pushed the limits for the sound system movement, and he proves that weekly on the FOB show.

The title of the EP alongside the title track says it all for this one, “Badman”!  Let me just say the second I heard him drop this tune on his show I was hooked!  This melodic tribal heater is just why he is so admired in the world of dubstep and beyond.  This tune brings me back to a simpler time in the genera and is the style of tune that brought me to love this style of music. 

The EP also includes two remixes of “Badman” by Darj, and the other by Vaun, both tunes elevating the title track in their own way without leaving the feeling and mood that BunZer0 originally created.  The final track, “Crazy little Indian feet” is a collaboration between BunZer0 and Drews Theory.  A perfect ending to this EP and excellent combo for the final track that could easily be the title track on this one as well, this is a must grab for any lover of sub-bass, and also just all around good music.

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