Wednesday, 11 February 2015

OUT NOW ! BunZer0 - Mechanism

In this unique collaboration London’s Subaltern Records and New York’s TUBA team up to deliver a compilation featuring some of the finest artists from both sides of the pond. As one would expect of the combined selection of two taste-making labels, they've packed in a weighty 12 tracks ranging from all out system tunes to melodic headphone skankers. Interestingly, several of the producers featured have released with both imprints. The strength and musicality of these tracks demonstrate that Subaltern and Tuba have succeeded in 'bridging the gap' and creating transatlantic musical exchanges. TransAtlantic Volume 1 is due out on February 9th. Volume 2 will follow soon.

Subreachers - The Creator
Cuttle - Sweet Scent
Geode - Kestrel
Eva808 - Voodoo Mama
Mentha - Tale
BunZer0 - Mechanism
Karnage & MarkIV - The Cleansing VIP
J.K.L - Core Pressure
Piezo - Calm Frenzy
Subtle Mind - Ingenuity


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